Tamarind Chutney

Sweet smooth flavour with the delicious tang of tamarind. If you like tamarind you’ll eat this with anything. Particularly nice condiment to a vegetable curry.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Similar to sweet chilli garlic, but with less garlic. Hot chilli followed by a sweet spicy tang. Use as you would any sweet chilli sauce.

Soursop Chutney

Sweet, smooth and spicy with a little soursop tang. Delicious as a condiment for vegetable curry or on fish, chicken, lentil patties, bread, as you like.

Pawpaw Chutney

Tangy, spicy flavour. Goes well with bread, meat, cheese, fish & chips or vegan meals, according to your liking.

Pawpaw & Lime Chutney

Generous garlic, turmeric and pickled lime add a full bodied flavour with a touch of chilli.

Mango Chutney

Medium sweet and tasty mango chutney with a hint of sweet spices. Delicious on anything.

Guava & Raparapa Chutney

Sweet tangy chutney that goes with anything. Cooked over an open fire of local wood for a mild smoked flavour.

Green Pawpaw Chutney

Soft flavour that brings out the fruity vinegar. Goes well with fish and light meats.

Chunky Lime Chutney

Chunky Lime Chutney

Lime cross sections with chunks of dark sundried fruit in a sweet soft set. Marmalade lovers will enjoy this savoury version.