Tour of the Mauke Moments off-grid homestead

TIS members and owners of a beautiful self sustaining homestead, June Hosking and husband Andrew Hosking, were able to give us an insiders tour to their ‘off the grid’ homestead in Mauke.

Their home is powered by solar energy, with the solar energy used to pump water every now and then. The homestead is surrounded by a garden of Eden which has been fed by compost and mulch. The garden gives life to capsicums, spinach, courgettes, belle, moringa, ginger, basil, tumeric, chilli and chives to make for tasty dishes.

The Hosking residence has no fridge or freezer so pressure cooked meats such as chicken and fish are preserved in air tight jars filled with lemon juice and natural oils. Solar powered lights, light up the house at night with candles. There are also neat reused features around the house from washed up buoys being turned into pot plants and sinks and old fridges being used as cupboards for storage.

A beautiful self sustaining home, showing how it can be done right here in the Cook Islands.

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